08.04.2011Academic credits for social service

Local governments sometimes funnel money into social and international cooperation projects, converting social volunterring into one more business. The result: disenchantment of generous people.

25.03.2011Let the new barbarians come

José Carlos García Fajardo
Some people consider immigrants as outcasts along with the homeless, the drug addicts or prisoners. However, immigrants are people with a normalized life in their countries and the only thing they are after is a job to improve their living conditions.

18.03.2011Confusing Sponsorships

José Carlos García Fajardo
Pressure and power groups take advantage of people’s conscience and good intentions for their own economic benefit. Civil society organizations should watch out before they give away the independence that distinguishes them.

11.03.2011General liberties for all

José Carlos García Fajardo
Haiti still suffers the ignorance of its oppressors centuries ago, even though it was the first American independent state.

18.02.2011The open wounds

José Carlos García Fajardo
Immigration is more an opportunity and a challenge than an obstacle.

04.02.2011The spirit of Social Volunteering

José Carlos García Fajardo
Solidarity implies generosity, unselfishness, participation and strength.

21.01.2011Celestial vagabonds of the Internet

José Carlos García Fajardo
Celestial vagabonds navigate through the highways of communication of a world they dislike. They take advantage of the technical advances, naturally.

14.01.2011Disguised image campaigns

José Carlos García Fajardo
Serious NGOs do not want to confuse public opinion and those who cannot raise funds in an ethical way should quit.

07.01.2011There is something wrong with this world

José Carlos García Fajardo
The money that is needed to guarantee basic human rights for all has been squandered to sustain unjust wars and to increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

30.12.2010We are not sent. We are being called

José Carlos García Fajardo
The authenticity of social volunteering is measured by the response to an unjust inequality or to an attack against freedom because life is perceived as the path in the search for happiness, which is inseparable from liberty and justice.

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