09.07.2010Drugs as a social phenomenon

José Carlos García Fajardo
The fact that most drug addicts smoked cannabis once doesn’t mean that everyone who tries weed will become an addict. Some parents and polititians blame acquired freedoms of drug problemas instead of asmitting their part of responsibility.

02.07.2010Security at All Costs Goes against Human Rights

Democracy is being threatened by the power of traders that have the support of hegemonic powers that will, sooner or later, suffer in its their own flesh the effects of this ungovernable and inhumane monster.

25.06.2010The indigenous people’s duty to resist

José Carlos García Fajardo
Resistance reaches the categoty of duty when the oppressed and the weakest people suffer.

18.06.2010Marketing with the wrong cause

José Carlos García Fajardo
Marketing should only focus on the quality of a product and service. On the contrary, cause-marketing takes advantage of social causes to promote the consumption of their products. NGO’s shouldn’t give in this farse.

11.06.2010They didn’t know it was impossible

José Carlos García Fajardo
We don’t dare to hold alternative opinions as we hold on to the empty concept of security and certainty we get sold in different ways. But there is nothing more certain than uncertainty, which turns problems into challenges.

04.06.2010Not to be considered idiots

José Carlos García Fajardo
We can’t call "democracy" to what citizens of many countries in the World see on television during ‘debates’ and political campaigns. No true democracy can be understood without authentic citizen participation.

28.05.2010Don’t abuse NGO’S

José Carlos García Fajardo
Some political parties and big companies chase after NGO’s for their marketing strategies and their image, but they will never have the trait that most distinguishes social volunteering: not expecting anything back and the satisfaction of having exercised human solidarity.

21.05.2010Hope becomes a prophet

José Carlos García Fajardo
Drug addiction and social volunteering as responses to an unjust world emerged in the same period of time.

07.05.2010Traits of social volunteering

José Carlos García Fajardo
We do better the things we like and for which we are more prepared. This is one of the main premises of effective social volunteering.

30.04.2010Commitment of the social volunteer

José Carlos García Fajardo
Social volunteers participate in the reconstruction of the structures that our ignorance damaged.

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